Lactation Flapjacks

Congratulations to Alexis and Becky, Co-founders of successful The Mother Box a gift box service for pregnant women which features our Lactation flapjacks as seen in the Daily Mail.

The Ginger Flapjack is for tummy settling and appears in the their Early Pregnancy Box. While the Pregnancy and Birth boxes have a large flapjack for energy boost. Their popular Postnatal and New Mother Boxes both contain a Lactation Flapjack, chosen because we make our flapjacks with the best quality traditional ingredients which can support breast milk production.

Pregnancy and Nursing Mum Selection Box

If you just want a top-up of our flapjacks specifically made for pregnant and nursing mums, you can buy a box of 6  in 3 flavours direct from our website:

2 x Ginger Flapjacks – Tummy settling
2 x Traditional Flapjack – Energy boosting
2 x Lactation Flapjacks – with flax seeds and Brewers yeast to aid milk production