Price 1 selectedPriceAll1 selectedPriceClear£0 to £25(3)
Flapjack Box Size 1 selectedFlapjack Box SizeAll1 selectedFlapjack Box SizeClearBox of 3 Giant Flapjacks(3)Box of 6 Giant Flapjacks(3)
Flavour 1 selectedFlavourAll1 selectedFlavourClearChocolate(3)Fruity(5)
Awards 1 selectedAwardsAll1 selectedAwardsClearTaste of the West(3)
Dietary Requirements 2 selectedDietary RequirementsAll2 selectedDietary RequirementsClearGluten Free(3)No Hydrogenated Fats(3)No Palm Oil(3)Vegetarian(3)
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