Here at Flapjackery, we love creating new and exciting flavours for you to try! Now, don’t get us wrong. Our delicious, buttery flapjack comes in a variety of traditional flavours such as Millionaires and Classic Fudge, but have you thought about expanding your tastebuds with some of our more unique flavours? If you’re looking for inspiration, let us help you with this blog…

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam

Peanut butter and jelly (jam!) is an all-time favourite American Classic. We love this interesting combination of flavours - and trust us, you’ll love it as well! Our Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam (PB&J) Flapjack features award-winning peanut butter and is topped with a drizzle of sweet yet tangy raspberry jam that is lovingly handmade in the UK. This flapjack is ideal for sharing with friends, as part of a lunchbox or enjoyed with a cup of tea!

Ginger & Dark Chocolate

For something a little tangier, our Ginger & Dark Chocolate flapjack might just fit the bill! We take generous chunks of warming stem ginger and mix this into our decadent flapjack base. To add back a little more sweetness and to counteract the bite of the ginger, our flapjack is then drizzled with indulgent British 70% Cacao dark chocolate. 

A classic Christmas flavour combination, this rich and satisfying flapjack is the perfect indulgent treat to be enjoyed over the festive season and can be enjoyed with a mulled wine or hot chocolate!

Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate

Are you nutty for hazelnuts? If you love chocolate or hazelnuts, you’ll love our Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate Flapjack! We layer sweet and indulgent praline over our award-winning buttery flapjack base. This is then topped with more of our flapjack crumbled over the top for a truly decadent treat! 


If you enjoy a traditional florentine biscuit paired with your morning coffee, you’ll love our take on these little treats with our Florentine Flapjack. This mouthwatering flapjack is packed full of almonds, candied fruits and cherries for a fruity taste that we know you’ll just adore! Not only is this flapjack delicious, but it looks beautiful as well and is the perfect addition to a create-your-own box.

Golden Caramel

If you love chocolate but are looking for something new and exciting to feast your hands on, why not try our Golden Caramel Flapjack? Golden chocolate has a rich, buttery taste that features caramelised sugar and white chocolate - perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth! Our crumbly flapjack is layered with smooth and creamy chocolate fudge and then topped with a generous coating of caramel chocolate.  


With the festive season coming up, what better way to celebrate your friends, family and loved ones than with a box of delicious flapjacks? If you bite the bullet and try one of these tempting flavours, let us know! We can’t way to hear which flavour is your favourite!