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Check out our rave reviews, we don’t have to tell you how amazing our handmade luxury Devon flapjacks are, you can read the reviews below from our loyal band of customers and wholesalers.

Have you tried our flapjacks? Do you have a new flavour suggestion? We would love to hear from you!

Carol and Sally

A flapjack convert

I’ve never really been into flapjacks but you have converted me! I’m in love with the apple and blackcurrant flavour. A must buy!

Heather Stanbury

Millionaires flapjack is to die for

I bought some flapjacks from the Home and garden show at Sudeley castle last week and just wanted to say how lovely they were. The millionaires flapjack is to die for. I think I prefer it to millionaires shortbread. Happy baking,



I have just received the second box of flapjacks both of which have been presents from my parents who live in Tavistock.
Absolutely delicious I haven’t tried a flavour yet that I do not like!
The latest box is to help me recuperate after having major surgery on my back. I think the flapjacks have been the best medicine I could have.

Sue Fleming

A little bit of joy..

I have been a great fan of these wonderful treats. Imaginative and delicious varieties. Especially love the bakewell.

Annie Miller

Hunt them down at shows

We first tried these delicious flapjacks at the Royal Welsh Show in 2019, we tried a sample and thought we’d head back and pick some up later. We spent ages trying to find them again! We look forward to hopefully seeing them at any country show or food festival. My girlfriend is lactose intolerant and never feels hard done by or too envious of the other flavours she cannot unfortunately eat.

Ed Meakes

Wonderful Service

Thank you so much. Absolutely wonderful service and delicious. Will definitely order again in the future. Keep safe and thank you for being open.

Sharon K


Love them. Particularly the chocolate orange. We have missed going to the shop in Tavistock. Only 3 left in the freezer but we can now get them online during lockdown. No more need to eke them out.



Delicious, delightful, decadent. What more need be said?
I discovered your wonderful flapjacks when visiting the NEC Craft Fair in November 2019. I am so pleased that you have managed to release your online shop again and have treated myself to one of your NHS boxes. It won’t be the last! Thank you, stay safe.


A lovely surprise!

Sent as a gift to our son and his girlfriend during the lockdown – ordered Sunday and received by Wednesday! Excellent customer service and they are delighted! Your flapjacks are simply amazing and we are eagerly awaiting the new fruit flavour ones, so we can treat ourselves!! Thank you for your online shop and no doubt a lot of hard work – it is an absolute godsend during these difficult times.


An uplift

A perfect surprise during lockdown – the family thought the flapjacks were wonderful.


Amazing Flapjackery

We have had your flapjacks from various events we have been to, I’ve ordered for gifts and just managed to order a box for my husbands birthday before the “lock-down”
They are absolutely amazing – the apple & blackberry is my absolute favourite and can’t wait to be able to order some more once we all return to something like normal.
Thank you, you do a great job and sell an amazing product.


MAGICAL: Follow up

So Magical that I bought a pack of 6 salted caramel brownie flapjacks : I gifted 1 as a birthday present and they ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT ! Quote, ‘ it is a perfect combination of everything you would ever want in a dessert! I will definitely gift this to friends for birthdays’



I bought the ‘ salted caramel brownie / flapjack ‘ at the motorcycle Excel show today and I was BLOWN AWAY! Magical in every sense :
Taste, Size, Display, And more Taste !!!


Delicious Flapjack

I bought a box of your flapjacks at Bath Christmas Market. They are delicious, I like the plain one best!



Bought some at Gloucester Victorian Christmas market this week. These have got to be the best flapjacks I have ever tasted and they all looked beautiful as well. Have kept one for my daughter to try but I might not be able to fulfil this gesture …we will see yummy.

Paula Weare


Found you at the Llandudno Christmas fayre. Bought a box of three flavours. Millionaire, plain and apple and blackcurrant. Absolutely delicious.

Mark Cousins


Found your stall at the Cake and Bake Show in London. I brought a box of 3. I can definitely say with Hand on heart theses are the best flapjacks I have ever tasted. I will be ordering some more on line and I love the fact that you use real ingredients- like butter! Absolutely fantastic product, well done

Jenny evett


Saw your stall at Iron Man Wales, decided on trying the peanut butter brownie flapjack omg… It’s delicious, I went back next day but you weren’t there, I was gutted. I will be ordering online


Yummy treat

Found your stall at the Ludlow food festival and bought a box with a selection of lemon drizzle, Apple and blackcurrant and Devon fudge.
Just got home and shared with the friends I attended the festival, with a cup of coffee and can honestly say we all found the flapjacks to be delicious.
Would go out of my way next visit to Devon to stock up again. Only wish your shop was closer but then again my waistline is probably glad you aren’t. Thank you for our sweet treat.


Very very Moorish indeed!

Well full praise indeed your way I have had the fortune to eat in a few Michelin star restaurants I can quite honestly say give me one of your Flapjacks any day, very very Moorish indeed!

Honiton Show purchaser

Wonderful company

If you have not tried these wonderful flapjacks – you don’t know what you are missing.
The most friendly and helpful company with the tastiest products. Hope to see you again in September.

Sally Thornton

What a find!

Myself and my husband bought 3 different flavoured flapjacks while at the Ironman UK event in Bolton and we’re so happy we did! The salted caramel chocolate brownie flapjack barely lasted 24 hours after opening and my husband opened up his second one the next day! I’ve just had my first taste of my Lemon Drizzle and absolutely loved it! We’ll definitely be repeat customers and hopefully will catch you again when you’re in our home county of Dorset!


Scrumptious and gluten free

Found at the Blenheim flower show. Gluten free? Give me a box please… tasty treat with no pain. Thank You! I will definitely be looking for more.

Kimberly Ray


I brought a cream tea flapjack yesterday at the this morning live show, and omg they tasted absolutely amazing so wish I’d brought more but will most definitely be ordering online absolutely scrummy!!!!!


Temptation I can’t resist

Looking forward to being on the stall next to you at The London Marathon Expo again this year – you know I can’t resist your wonderful flapjacks!

Kathy Tytler

Absolutely LOVE your flapjacks!!

Ever since I discovered your flapjacks at Cake International a few years ago I always look out for you at every show. In fact last weekend I purchased 2 boxes of 3 to share. My current fav. flavours are the white chocolate & raspberry and apple & blackcurrant.

Felicia Higgins

Simply the very best

We first discovered Flapjackery at ‘The Pub in the Park’ in Bath last summer. Spoilt for choice with so many amazing flavours we decided on the Rhubarb Crumble flapjack and what a great choice, it was absolutely delicious, super flavour from the fruit and the flapjack consistency so perfect. We so wished we had bought more and when we established we could find Flapjackery at the Bristol Regatta Festival in July we went purely to make more Flapjackery purchases. Our favourites so far are the fruity ones, the Rhubarb crumble being our first love but we also love the Apple, Blackberry & yogurt topped version as well as the Summer berries flapjack. The Bakewell tart is also a really clever and delicious one. We have found freezing all of our favourites works perfectly well. A pot of coffee and some of these amazing flapjacks is just the perfect treat. If we can’t get to one of the upcoming events soon we will definitely be ordering online. Thank you Flapjackery for creating such amazing treats.


Best Flapjacks ever

My Dad tried some of your flapjacks at a market stall in Exeter and has ever since said it was the best flapjack he has ever had!
I ordered him a box of his favourite flavour (apple, blackcurrant and yoghurt flapjack) for Christmas and he was thrilled!
They are delicious and such huge portions. Will definitely buy again!


Excellent flapjacks and excellent service.

I first had these flapjacks at a bike show in London. I loved the variety of flavours and the high quality of the flapjacks. Subsequently I have ordered many more boxes, recently there was a mistake by the delivery company, and without a bat of an eyelid the customer service team resolved my issue. Cannot rate the flapjacks and the people highly enough.



Bought some of the flapjack yesterday at event city in Manchester first time i have had it and I have to say it was absolutely delicious I shall be ordering again on line, think I shall also order some for my son and have it delivered to him for a surprise

B Hignett

Unbelievably amazing

I bought 6 different flapjacks at Olympia, my first taste of them… WOW, they are totally amazing, so delicious, best flapjack I have ever tasty and the range of flavours so tasty. I shall be ordering online as soon as the kitchen opens!

Susanna Murray


We rec’d as a gift a variety box from our daughter for Christmas. First one out of the box was the Clotted Cream Fudge Flapjack – An all butter flapjack with a rich clotted cream fudge layer topped with a white Belgian chocolate decoration. WOW, I’m trying so hard to save half the flapjack for the hubby, it will take some will power. I cannot wait for lunch to try the next one.

Mary Pasket


Just bought a box of 3 flavours (salted caramel brownie, raspberry & white chocolate, and fudge) from Bath market, what can I say, I’m not usually a fan of flapjacks, but you’ve changed my mind! All flavours were sooo lovely couldn’t stop eating them, and so many flavours to choose from!! Nice surprise I can order more online which I will be doing very soon! Definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed! Many thanks.

Elaine gibbs


They are beautiful. First tried in the Menai Bridge food festival, then Beaumaris food festival and now in the Bath Christmas Markets. I can’t contain my love for these little blocks of luxury. And I am chuffed that flapjacks are finally getting the attention they deserve.


Beautiful and delicious flapjacks

We brought a box of 3 flapjacks yesterday at The Christmas Gift Fair at the NEC. Never tried your flapjacks before, oh my word…… AMAZING, Absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be ordering on line very soon. Thank you x



We bought your delicious flapjacks last week at Dartmouth Food Fair and they were so delicious we went back the next day for some more. They really are the best we have ever tasted. Will be looking for you at every event from now on!



I’m not a great lover of flapjacks but we were mightily tempted this weekend at Carfest North. Delighted I succumbed. Honestly these were just awesome. So delicious I will be ordering more on line! My only problem…which flavour next?!


Totally delicious

I can honestly say your flapjacks are the best I have ever tasted. Gorgeous selection of flavours you can’t stop devouring – yum yum.
Will definitely be ordering for myself and as presents for family and friends. So glad I found your stall at the New Forest Show.


Amazing Flapjack

I found these products at the good food show in Birmingham which i attend every year with my wife. Each year after finding these i track down the stall & buy the box of 3 different flavours. I have never been disappointed with my purchases & this is the best flapjack i have ever tasted, the flavours are exceptional & i would always recommend people trying these products. Perfect

Ian J.

Best flapjacks

These are without doubt the best flapjacks I have ever had & I have eaten a lot of flapjacks!


Absolutely Delicious!

We found your stall at Royal Windsor Horse show 2018 and bought a box of 3 to take home.
All three were different and absolutely delicious. Husband scoffed his peanut one but mine was so huge I had to eat it in 3 stages. Will definitely be ordering some online to send to my elderly parents as a treat.


Just WOW

Well I can honestly say I’ve eaten a fair few flapjacks in my times but these, oh my gosh unbelievable these are. I bought two boxes of mixed flavours for myself and my daughter on Sunday at the Cheshire Food Festival, Walton Gardens as trying to walk by. The variety of flavours is wonderful, the actual flapjack itself is so moist and excellent flavour. Brilliant, will most definitely be ordering some online shortly and these will be going on my list to make sure I have a supply in for Hubby when he returns to working in China in July and again at Christmas.



Was at the craft show yesterday at the NEC in Birmingham with my husband and my mum and grandparents when I found your stall. Was so hard to choose from all of your beautiful flapjacks! I wanted to try all of them. Husband and I shared an apple and blackberry flapjack on our journey back to Lincolnshire and it was big, utterly delicious, soft and well worth the money. I wish I had bought more


Irresistible delights!

Bought a box of 3 flapjack – millionaires shortbread, rockyroad, apple & blackberry from the stall at Gloucester Victorian Christmas market last week and I can honestly say it is some of the most divine flapjack I have ever tasted! The seller was very friendly and helpful not only answering any questions but inviting them willingly which only added to us wanting to make a purchase. Please come back to Gloucester soon!

Sarah & Alex

Back again for flapjackery goodness!

As an office manager, i know they way to keep the office happy is with food!
These flapjacks always hit the spot. Great flavours, well made and a lot of happy happy people!
Mission complete, I will be back.

Lisa B.

Yum yum

I found your stall at Country file live yesterday. I bought a box of three, cherry bakewell, chocolate orange and fudge one. Wow what a great taste and beautifully moist, can taste all the fruit.
Will have to go online and order a box for my mum. Thank you well done on the selection available. Hope you are at the Bath Christmas market.

Rosemary T.

So delicious….

Absolutely delicious flapjack……..happened across your stall at the New Forest show yesterday and I’m so glad I did! Bought the fruit and seed variety and returned later in the afternoon to find you had virtually sold out! I luckily snapped up a box of three to take home – mango, cherry bakewell and raspberry/chocolate. A lovely, friendly guy who served me – I felt so pleased for his successful day. Will definitely be ordering online and may come and find you at the Romsey festival.

Sara R.


Service brilliant and plain flapjack best we’ve tasted! Apple and blackcurrant very yummy. Liked salted caramel one too. All in all, very nice and service/delivery prompt.

Penny C.

Wow, very very very nice!

Nom nom nom and nom! Brought a selection of flapjacks from the “classic car show” burnt salted caramel and sea salt, fruit and nut and mint choc! Wow, very very very nice! Being a fellow cyclist the fruit and nut went down well! Thanks a lot.

Chris H.

Amazing service and gorgeous products

We bought some (6!) in Manchester last week and absolutely loved them. Ordered a box at very short notice online (Sunday evening) to be delivered today (Tuesday) for a birthday present for my father in law and honestly wasn’t expecting them to arrive before Wednesday as website says allow 2 working days and they arrived first thing this morning! Amazing service and gorgeous products, we will definitely be ordering again x

Yvonne C.

Would definitely recommend!

OMG, met this lovely guy at Cake International yesterday and I purchased one chocolate/salted caramel flapjack and one black cherry and apple flapjack for my friend and they were absolutely delicious! They were moist, flavourful, you could taste the fresh ingredients and you got a big slab to boot! I tried just to have a bite for taste but I was perilous to resist eating 2/3rds of it! Would definitely recommend!

Nova S.

I just had to try!

Visited the chocolate show at Olympia today and as soon as I saw your stall I just had to try! The salted caramel/chocolate hazelnut flapjack was absolutely amazing, will definitely be making an online order in the very near future! Hope to see your stalls at future events!

Aimee P.

Totally the best!

We were at Cake International Birmingham yesterday…starving but didn’t want to sit down for food. Then Bam! found your booth! We are in love with your flapjacks! My favourite is the blackcurrant flapjack. Totally the best! xx

Kornpreya E.

OMG they are amazing

Bought a box of 3 flapjacks from you at the London chocolate show and omg they are amazing. Can’t wait to see u at future events. Keep up the grt work. Ordering online very soon too… yum x


Absolutely gorgeous!

Bought a rocky road at the festive gift fair in Birmingham. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be back in Tavistock next year and hope to get some more at the panier market

Vicky B.

Wow amazing!

Bought your flapjacks at the nec cake show because I needed a sugar fix and all I can say is wow amazing best flap jack ever. I will be ordering some online for sure. Thank you

Dee H.

Praying that the kids don’t want their bit!

I bought some today from Exeter and they are the best flapjacks I’ve had!! Praying that the kids don’t want their bit

Hannah T.

Bought the best seller box

Tried some of your flapjacks at Gardeners World Live, have to say, hands down the best iv ever had (and iv had a lot). Brought the best seller box on Monday arrived on Tuesday, I may gain a bit of weight this week.

Ashley M.

Fantastic gift

My sister ordered a gift box of your delicious flapjacks to wish us well in our new house, what a fantastic gift and enjoyed with a cup of tea as we unpack our boxes. Xx

Karen V.

The cherry bakewell was out of this world.

OMG bought some flapjacks at the Good Food Show @ Birmingham absolutely delicious. The cherry bakewell was out of this world.

Samantha W. V.

Valentines flapjacks

My hubby was over the moon with his valentines flapjacks. He had requested more for his birthday and Christmas!

Harriet A.

Service with a nice smile too

Tasted these at the cake show at the nec yesterday, very nom nom, and service with a nice smile too :–) I ended up buying a box of 3 and they didn’t last long once I got home lol

Jayne C.

Absolutely scrummy!

Absolutely scrummy! Picked some up today at countryfile live….the salted caramel fudge brownie was delicious!!! Will definitely keep you in mind for the posted gift boxes as I think this is a fab idea

Laura H.

Will defo be having more

Wow most creative/tastiest flap jack ever.. very friendly will defo be having more


I can say is WOW!

I do love my flapjacks and we got some from you at the bath and west today, all I can say is WOW I had the caramel one then back later to get the orange chocolate one, and good price X

Anna S.

Sooo good!

Bought two boxes from the Gloucester Quays market last weekend soo good

Ferne N.

Want more already!

Best flapjack ever!!! Bought some at Dartmouth festival today! Want more already.

Anna D.


Just tucking in to an amazing piece of rocky road flapjack that I bought yesterday at Countryfile Live. DELICIOUS

Lauara C.

Need more!

Had some flapjacks last night at Tiverton electric nights. OMG so good! Need more!

Mel H.

Absolutely delicious

Bought a mixed boxed on our way down to Devon yesterday at one of the services stalls. Absolutely delicious and wolfed down by my family to whose party we were going.

Catherine M.

Best flapjacks ever!

Best flapjacks ever. Generous portions, amazing flavours. Leaves you wanting more.


The best I have ever tasted

Amazing Flapjack the best I have ever tasted…. we had the Rolo and Millionaire flapjack just delicious.



Bought 5 different flavours of your flapjacks on Saturday at the Bristol harbourfest OMG they were amazing. Thankyou


Beautiful flapjacks

Had the most beautiful flapjacks at Three Counties Show, thank you. Can’t wait to see you again xx


They are amaaaazing!

Sampling your Millionaires Flapjack at Cheltenham Food and Wine Festival. Oh my days I’m in foodporn heaven. Divine taste.


Foodporn heaven

Sampling your Millionaires Flapjack at Cheltenham Food and Wine Festival. Oh my days I’m in foodporn heaven. Divine taste.

The best flapjack I have ever tasted

Hello, we bought a flapjack from you at the Devon County show today. This was the best flapjack I have ever tasted and I regret not buying more today!

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