Flapjackery's Green Policy

Here at Flapjackery, we want our customers to know that, as a business, we care about the environment. That's why all the packaging we use for our delicious flapjacks is entirely recyclable, including cardboard boxes. Even the film wrap, which is used to keep everything fresh, is compostable. All of our waste is zero to landfill.

We're a local business, and we believe that using locally produced ingredients is what makes our flapjacks taste so good! For example, we use Fairtrade British Sugar, Mornflake British Oats, and West Country Butter.

Some of our tasty ingredients and toppings are made close to home, with our Hogs Bottom Lemon Curd being produced in Lifton and our Freda's Peanut Butter, which is lovingly made in Cornwall.

Having these palm-oil-free ingredients made close to home helps to reduce mileage and transport, which contributes to lower emissions. 

To help reduce the waste of our packaging, for every customer who opts not to have a box or carrier bag, we donate 20p to each of our shop's chosen charities. Those by the coast donate to RLNI, - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, while the Tavistock branch donates to Dartmoor Rescue. This helps local charities thrive and reduces waste at the same time.