About Us

"Fancy making a few flapjacks for some farmer's markets?" Was the question Carol asked Sally in 2015 at a street food festival in Exeter. The rest is history!

We are Carol and Sally, two passionate cooks with a mutual love of flapjacks; never finding one to love or even like, we decided to try and raise this much-abused food to its rightful status of delicious sweet snack bursting with flavour and energy.

In our Devonshire kitchen on the edge of Dartmoor, we create our fabulous range of eccentric Flapjackery flapjacks flavours from the traditional to salted caramel brownie, apple and blackcurrant or clotted cream fudge, all now gluten-free.

Both coming from food-loving families, we shared a passion for home cooking with quality British ingredients and felt the traditional flapjack was not often the delicious treat we remembered from our mothers' kitchens. Determined to restore it to its rightful place, we started cooking in our own homes for our first market. Wow! What a reception we had. The buzz around the stall was terrific, and the idea of Flapjackery was born.

Very soon, our kitchens were piled high with oats, sugar, butter, chocolate and packing boxes, our home kitchens were outgrown, and the search for business premises had started. A massive stroke of luck got us our first commercial kitchen, and we will always be grateful to the two gentlemen who made that possible - the end of their journey was the beginning of ours.

With a lot of naivety, we booked into some big shows where we were greeted with a few giggles from more established traders as we set up with our bed sheet tablecloths and homemade banners … a little out of place but full of optimism! Thankfully, the public loved it, and we often sold out. We used to spend our time returning to Devon from all over the country to cook all night and drive back in the early hours of the morning - adrenalin is a great help!

From there, we expanded our ideas, became more adventurous with flavours, and became completely gluten-free while maintaining our original taste and quality. Not much time had passed until we expanded our premises and opened our first shop in our home town of Tavistock, Devon.

By adding the best, most scrumptious ingredients (and maybe a drop of craziness) to the humble, gluten-free oat, we have taken the rustic flapjacks to the next level.

Our recipe has remained the same, but we ensure we only use gluten-free ingredients to develop exceptional and appealing flavours in large, chunky portions.

Now, in 2024, we're opening more shops in the charming towns of Falmouth and Dartmouth, complementing our other shops in Minehead, Bath, Wells, Plymouth, St Ives,Tavistock, Lymington, Fowey and Sidmouth. We have also expanded visiting shows and markets further up the country, and we are further expanding our online business and making it easier to distribute our flapjacks and put a smile on your face.

We know this has all been made possible by the incredible support of our fabulous loyal customers, many of whom have been with us from the start and who we hope will continue to enjoy what we do well into the future.