Summer is on the horizon, and soon we’ll all be eating al fresco. There’s a lot to consider when eating outdoors, what type of food and how? Barbeque, buffet, potluck? Here at Flapjackery, we believe the Great British picnic is the way to go - can you really call it summer if you haven’t had a picnic that’s been rained on, invaded by ants or left in the car to go warm? When it comes to picnic planning, we have the perfect food. Can you guess it? Flapjacks! Here are all the ways that flapjacks make for a superior picnic experience...

1. No Mess, No Worries

The picnic has finished, the sun is going down and tummies are full. But what’s that? Endless food wrappers and sticky fingers. While picnic pros will pack food wipes and somewhere to place rubbish, there’s no need with flapjacks! The packaging is minimal, and they don’t leave a sugary mess on your hands! 

2. Space Saving

Flapjacks are easy to pack, making the most of the already limited space in any hamper or backpack. The flapjacks in our Picnic Box come in halves - bitesized and perfect for sharing with a friend!

3. Refuel and Re-energise

If you opt for a picnic after a hard day’s walking, flapjacks are the perfect snack. Oats are a slow burning carbohydrate, which means they’ll top up your energy. Ideal for replenishing your reserves after a long day, or for warming you up when the sun goes down!

4. Picnic Pudding

When conjuring picnic foods, many people turn to something savoury; sandwiches, pies, and pastries. Why not shake it up with some flapjacks? Either substitute foods with a myriad of flapjack flavours to mimic different courses, or top off the meal with a sweet treat! Not many picnics have desserts, but now they can. Delight picnic goers by presenting them with pudding!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack our Picnic Box in your backpack and off you go!