With uncertain times still surrounding us, many people are missing out on special occasions and spending time with loved ones.  Being unable to visit family and friends and provide gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations has led to a rise in consumers purchasing and sending gifts online.  What’s more, food and drink gifting has become very popular due to Covid and offers a personal touch when many will be feeling isolated.  It’s a straightforward process too; simply choose your items online, add a gift message and have it delivered directly to the recipient's door.  

What Is A Really Thoughtful Gift?

There has been an increasing trend of giving unique, thoughtful gifts for special occasions, particularly birthdays. In many cultures, food symbolises care and love and if there is a positive to come from the pandemic it is that most people have become more thoughtful when it comes to others. This is beginning to show in the way that they are gifting others. Rather than choosing quick, easy and generic gifts, more thought is being put into them.
Things to consider when choosing a gift could include:

  • Will the gift make the person feel known?
  • Will it bring or enhance a connection?
  • Does it represent something?
  • What is the occasion?

How To Pick A Meaningful Gift

It can be difficult to choose a meaningful gift and it helps if you at least know a little about the person and what they like. Consider what the recipient would like to receive rather than what you would like to give. Handmade or homemade gifts are a very good choice. They often represent the feelings, love and time that has gone into the gift.

Why Send A Food Gift?

Consumers have been drawn to send food gifts online, especially during the pandemic, because it’s practical, they are easy to courier, food is usually comforting and it’s a great choice for sending someone you love a lovely treat when you cannot personally see them. As mentioned previously food represents care and love and often brings many people together. The possibilities are endless now, from hampers to bespoke flapjacks and most items can be personalised with a special gift message that provides a thoughtful touch.

Can You Say It With Flapjack?

Yes, of course!  Well here at Flapjackery, we certainly think you can.  All of our flapjacks are lovingly handmade using the highest quality, gluten-free ingredients. There are many delicious and creative flavours to choose from and you can easily create your own wonderful flapjack gift box by selecting your own or your recipient’s favourites.  If you are finding it too difficult to decide which flavours to choose, why not go for one of our Luxury Flapjack Boxes with pre-selected flavours. 

We have Birthday Flapjack Boxes,  our award-winning Taste Of The West box, a Thank You Flapjack Box or if these messages aren’t quite what you are looking for take a look at our Personalised Giant Flapjack.  This giant slab of deliciousness can be personalised with any message you choose and delivered straight to your loved one’s door as a 40th birthday gift, a special gift for Mum, or a unique birthday gift for him or just because.

With gift wrapping options and the opportunity to add a free personalised message to any of our gift boxes, we are sure Flapjackery has what you are looking for.  You can browse our full range of lovingly made, local, artisan flapjacks here.