Here at Flapjackery, we use locally sourced, Gluten-Free, British ingredients to make our delicious treats. From the butter to the oats, we wanted to make sure all our customers could enjoy our goods whilst still maintaining the original taste and quality.

First recorded as food in England in John Taylor's jokey poem 'Jack a Lent' of 1620 with; "A Flap~iack, which in our translation is call'd a Pancake.” The British Flapjack is one of the more popular tray bakes and is traditionally made from rolled oats, Golden Syrup, butter, a pinch of salt and sugar. 

Do vegan flapjacks fall apart?

As people are choosing to incorporate vegan food & treats into their diets, whether it’s for reasons of health, environmental concerns, or animal welfare, here at Flapjackery, we wanted to ensure that we catered to a market that celebrates these values. Our vegan flapjacks are thick, chunky, and packed with indulgent toppings such as jam and peanut butter, and we’re always coming up with new ideas to test for future flavours.

As our vegan flapjacks are made with natural, dairy-free ingredients, they might crumble a little (like a good flapjack should!), but they shouldn’t fall apart.

Do vegan flapjacks have no taste?

Many people assume that vegan food is boring because they think that it consists of unusual, weird ingredients. It’s also a common misconception that vegan food has no taste, but that simply isn’t true!

Our Vegan Flapjacks are packed with delicious, natural ingredients - no weirdness here! Take our scrummy Banana & Peanut Butter Flapjack, which is vegan and dairy-free, yet is layered with fresh banana and a tangy raspberry jam swirl. This flavour is in demand with our vegan customers as well as our non-vegans customers! In fact, it proved so popular, it won a Taste Of The West Silver winner in 2020.

If you prefer your baked goods sweet and fruity, our vegan Summer Fruits Flapjack can be enjoyed by everyone. This flapjack is made with tart rhubarb, luscious raspberries and juicy blackcurrants and was also the winner of the Taste of the West Awards in 2020!

Are vegan flapjacks healthier?

So we all know flapjacks aren’t exactly the healthiest of treats, however, they do contain wholesome oats which have a lot of health benefits! Oats contain large amounts of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber and are very filling, meaning you can make your flapjacks last a long time and enjoy them in moderation.

You can also make healthier choices with your baked treats. If you’re making them yourself, you can add raisins, sunflower seeds or any type of fruit. At Flapjackery, we pack our Vegan Granola Flapjack with plump cranberries, roasted seeds, toasted coconut and decadent dark chocolate. Cranberries are high nutrient and antioxidant, seeds are a great source of fiber and dark chocolate in small amounts is smooth, refined and adds a deep, rich flavour while still remaining nutritious!


Okay, so, flapjacks might be a little calorie-dense but just like everything else food-related, flapjacks can be enjoyed in moderation or for a special occasion. 

Whether you’re looking for an original gift for someone’s birthday or you need something delicious for that garden party you’re hosting, our flapjacks are a unique, delicious option to please everyone! With a huge selection of fruity, chocolatey and unique flavours and dairy-free/vegan options, here at Flapjackery, we have something for every palette!