Send a digital gift card


Choose any value gift card from £15 to £100, our default card is £25 which covers the cost and delivery of a box of 6 Flapjackery flapjacks, or choose your own amount to send as a digital gift card.

We even notify you when they use your gift card to buy our flapjacks!

See our instructions at the bottom for help.

Choose your design

  • Congratulations with balloons

Set an amount


Delivery info

If empty, will be sent to your email address + add another recipient


Why not  send a digital gift card to your friends and family. Give us their email and we will send them your gift card via email, on the date of your choice, with a gift message and a special code to order the flapjacks they would like, on a day of their choosing.


  1. Select the amount you wish to send (£14 or above)
  2. Choose an image under Gift Card Design
  3. Add the email and name of the person you wish us to send the card to via email. If you wish to print it off yourself to give to them, leave this blank
  4. Add in your message
  5. Tick the box “Postpone delivery” if you want us to send it on a day of your choice, otherwise it will go today.
  6. Add to the basket and pay for it at the checkout

Want to buy more than one gift card?

If you want to buy more than one, you can add another recipient, but you will be restricted to the same image and send date. if you prefer a different date and image, add the first gift card to the basket and then go back to the shop page and order a separate gift card before you checkout.